Donyae Dukes, also known as DJ Duke, is a highly acclaimed DJ from Baltimore, Maryland. With a career spanning over a decade, DJ Duke has made a name for himself in the music industry with his talent, passion, and dedication to his craft. He has been honored with several prestigious awards, including the SAO DJ of the Year Award and the 2021 Baltimore Radio DJ of the Year Award.

Born and raised in Baltimore, DJ Duke started his career in the music industry at a young age. He began DJing at local parties and events, and soon built a reputation for his exceptional talent and skill. He quickly became one of the most sought-after DJs in the city, known for his ability to get the crowd moving and his extensive knowledge of different music genres.

In 2019, DJ Duke was awarded the SAO DJ of the Year Award, recognizing him as one of the best DJs in the region. This award was a testament to his hard work and dedication, and solidified his place as a leading figure in the music industry. In 2021, he received the Baltimore Radio DJ of the Year Award, further cementing his status as one of the most respected and talented DJs in the city.

In addition to his success in the United States, DJ Duke has also gained international experience by DJing in Africa in January 2023. This opportunity allowed him to showcase his skills to a global audience, and further expand his reach as a DJ.

Despite his international success, DJ Duke remains committed to his roots in Baltimore. He is known for his dedication to at-risk communities in the city, using his platform and resources to give back to those in need. He frequently hosts events and fundraisers for local organizations, and is passionate about using music as a means of bringing people together and creating positive change.